Perceived Requirements or “All Users Lie” – Casey Charlton – Insane World

2 03 2009

…this is a situation I encounter very frequently when trying to extract information from users, domain experts or business analysts about their requirements. They by nature not only have a requirement, but they have an idea of what the solution is, and they phrase their requirements in such a way that they are suggesting the solution to you

Great article about common failures in the first, most crucial, phase of the Software Development Life Cycle. I’ve come across this in many instances. All users apply their own preconceptions to problems and solutions. Often times, the most difficult task is to strip away all the excess veneer from the actual use case.

One of the most important skills we can learn as developers is to understand the business enough to strip the requirement from the solution. We strive to be agnostic from business logic but unless we understand process, we cannot isolate the core requirements. At the same time, it is important not to fall into the same pitfalls as those business users.

“Trust but verify”

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