It’s a little different to see that “1” on the calendar today

1 01 2010

It seems larger than life this time. The Big One, if you will. It’s the beginning of a new day; a new month; a new year; a new decade. It signifies a time to take stock of our current situation and examine what our futures hold. A time of renewal to reboot our perspectives and perhaps, to change our fortunes.

This is the day where millions of us make “resolutions” and make promises to ourselves that perhaps will never be kept. The key to change is within that word itself. In order to shape ourselves into something beyond our current selves requires “resolve.” We must identify that true self are trying to sculpt, carve, mold, or build ourselves into before we take any steps towards the end. It is much harder to find that sense of “me” than at first thought. We spend some much time and effort trying to be something to someone else, a better spouse, a better employee, a better leader, a better parent, that we lose sight of our ideal self. 

Take the time and effort to identify your ideal self and find the disparity between that and your current self. That will give you the resolve to you will need to bring those two views closer together. Don’t be tied a to single vision either. Your end will, and should, be a moving target. As we learn more about ourselves and our environments, adjustments will be applied.

Let this first day of a new decade be the start of something else. Today is square one, where will you be tomorrow?

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8 04 2016

Well, I don’t think it’s good as the old one, because it shows only recent comments and looses the older ones, which is very unappropriated in some cases – if you want to go back and check some old stuff, so RSS is more useful.

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