Why do we seek validation?

1 11 2009

Why do we continually seek validation and approval for our processes?  I find myself going back to the same well long after it has lost meaning for everyone including myself.

As children, we strive to gain favor with our parents above all else. As adolescents, we cast aside that parental favor to seek the conditional acceptance of our peers and the accompanying social status.  As young adults, we subjugate that same sense of self worth in the name of fraternity and self exploration.  Then, as junior professionals, we push back our need for peer acceptance in or to further our careers.  Even now, as I write this, I’m seeking implicit validation of my emotions and words.

Is this an endless cycle so common to the human condition?  I can’t pretend to understand this now.  As is so often quoted, it is the journey, not the destination, that defines us. So, I’ve chosen this as my outlet for all those dangling thoughts that have been taking up residence in my brain for so long.  Some may call it narcisism. I’ll call it cheap therapy.

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