CHART OF THE DAY: The End Of Satellite Radio (SIRI)

10 05 2009

We were just talking about this the other day. The only way satellite radio grows is through new prepaid subscriptions via new car sales. I know a handful of people who have tried satellite radio and continue to pay for it after the trial period. I’m amazed they’ve made it this long considering the amount of money being talked about for the Howard Sterns and Oprah Winfreys of the world.

I actually liked the service after trying it for 3 months after we bought our new car last August. The content simply isn’t compelling enough for a monthly subscription. They need to do better marketing by rolling more services into a subscription. Not to mention that they renamed and remapped all the stations after the merger. That happened during my trial and it was really annoying to try to re-discover the channels again.

Final analysis: more space junk within 5 years.

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