George’s Bottom Line: McCain: ‘Too Early’ to Tell If Obama Has Put Nation at Risk of Terror Attack

17 03 2009

George Stephanopoulos “twitterviews” Senator John McCain today. Stephanopoulos asked his followers for questions and then he and the senator had an hour-long exchange through

Takeaway points from this experiment [as Stephanopoulos calls it]:
140 characters are not a lot to express an opinion. It forces one to be a lot more concise and leaves a lot of room to be misinterpreted. Dodging a question becomes very blatant. Instant “analysis” from “pundits” lead to lots of side discussions.

Not a lot of content got generated by these two given the actual time consumed. Hopefully this format will get sorted as it matures. Given those limitations, though, I thought it was a very interesting exchange and another evolution for twitter.

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